Professional Development

Know Thyself! Getting to Know Your Behaviors and Communication Style

Effective communication is inherently respectful, yet we can run into roadblocks when we don't understand how our communication style changes under varying circumstances. Using Eric Allenbaugh's INTERACT Personal Strengths Profile, this class helps participants discover their behavioral tendencies in both favorable and stressful conditions.

This one-day workshop, taught by certified instructors, begins with participants completing the INTERACT Profile Personal Strengths Assessment. Then we go further into how you can use this information to communicate even more effectively in your workplace.

You'll take home tools enabling you to:

  • Communicate and connect with others - at work and at home
  • Build rapport with those having different style preferences
  • Enhance your ability to influence others with integrity
  • Coach others using language and approaches that work for them
  • Work through interpersonal conflict in positive and productive ways
  • Relate more effectively with your customers and clients
  • Build teams that have a better understanding of how to work effectively with one another - and the tools to make that happen


Would you like to learn more about this workshop and how it will benefit you and your workforce? Give me a call or drop me an email! I'd also be happy to set up an appointment to talk about it more.

Dave Finnell