Active Threat and Security Training


Many organizations are taking measures to prepare for the unthinkable: active threat events.

In 2018 alone, there were 340 mass shootings (click here for statistical reference). These types of events generate prominent headlines and you can be sure it's on the mind of your employees.

I have personally worked with local law enforcement on active threat planning and conducted comprehensive training on how to survive an active shooter event. I have also conducted active threat drills for frontline customer service employees. Our training incorporates the latest best practices on how to survive an active shooter event.


Let's meet for a free consultation about how Active Threat Response Training can help you and your employees feel more prepared.

I'll answer questions like:

  • What would Active Threat Response Training look like for your organization?

  • How does your work environment shape your training?

  • How will this training fit into your workplace culture?

If you are interested in implementing this training into your organization, I will prepare a comprehensive proposal detailing timelines, costs and final products.


Security Plans

Written plans should be the centerpiece to your Active Threat Response Training.

We can help you develop your:

  • Active Threat Response Plan

  • Evacuation Plan

Building training based on these plans will ensure consistent, effective response throughout your organization.


Training Development & Delivery

Working together with you, we develop security training materials relevant to your workplace:

Classroom training. We'll create classes that can be delivered to your employees on-site or at a local training space.

Computer-based training. We'll create courses that your employees can complete using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Anytime! Anyplace!

Train-the-Trainer. We can prepare your employees to deliver your customized training.

We offer:

  • Active Threat Response Training

  • Active Threat Response Drills

  • General Security Awareness Training

Let's talk about how we can incorporate this important training into your business.


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